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Refund Policies

Refund Policies for ecommerce stores have been proven to increase the number of people who end up making a purchase once they're on your website. People are often hesitant to buy online, which can lead to low conversion rates and sales. Having this policy helps alleviate some of that hesitation since they know they can return the product and get a refund if their expectations aren't met while making a not-in-person purchase.

  • The conditions under which you'll accept returns:

    Remember that when it comes to eCommerce stores, a Return and Refund Policy may be the most read document on the website. This policy is not only a way to explain your return process and requirements, but it's also a way to make a good impression.

  • crucial points in mind when drafting your Refund Policy:

    A Refund Policy isn't legally required, but it's a best practice to include one on your websites.If you have a Refund Policy, it should be placed in prominent and easily accessed locations on your website

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